CF True Love

CF by Christian Fischbacher Bedlinen.
In TRUE LOVE with Christian Fischbacher.

Who in the world doesn’t love the sun and summer? Childhood memories of a carefree, inspiring time full of joie de vivre and love are awakened. It is exactly this zest for life that True Love exudes, with its subtle decoration on the light, airy quality of Slow Cloqué, a woven seersucker. All the summer designs can be easily combined with each other – long live the warm summer nights when we sleep full of happiness and with a light heart in CF by Christian Fischbacher!
CF by Christian Fischbacher’s 100% Cotton / A real seersucker, made wavy as a result of being woven with two warps
40,50 EUR
Prices include 19% VAT
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