Care Instructions


Correctly cared bed linen remains permanently beautiful and gives you a long time pleasure





  • Please observe the care labels attached to the individual items.


  • CHRISTIAN FISCHBACHER recommends that you wash your new linens prior to using them for the first time.


  • Although CHRISTIAN FISCHBACHER bed linens are quite colorfast we recommend that you wash whites, light colors, and dark colors separately. Close buttons or zippers to avoid items from becoming tangled which can distort the shape of the bed linens.


  • Wash all CHRISTIAN FISCHBACHER bed linens in warm (not hot) water with non detergent soaps such as linen washes or laundry soaps for infants. These soaps should not contain optical brighteners which fade colors and are harsh on the environment.


  • Pure Linen collection

Wash separately from colors in warm (not hot) water.


  • Never overload your washer or dryer and do not mix bed linens with bath towels, denim or other household laundry. See your manufacturers instructions for load sizes.


  • Dryer instructions

CHRISTIAN FISCHBACHER cotton bed linens can safely be tumbled dry on a medium heat, but do not over dry them. Remove promptly, while slightly damp. Shake lightly to restore the shape and release creases.


  • Ironing instructions

Satin prints and solids and Batist prints are best ironed on the wrong side on a medium heat while slightly damp. This retains the maximum shine on the satin finishes. Jersey needs no ironing.