Christian Fischbacher
High ecological and quality standards, and a commitment to restful sleep is the cornerstone of our down and feather partners of many years. A family owned company based in Liechtenstein, our partners ensure that all materials are sourced from well-tended farms. Feathers are never live-plucked and are washed by the natural spring water that rises from the Alp Mountains, 300 meters above the company’s site – assorted and used to make quilts and pillows for the most luxurious sleeping experience.

WARMTH INDEX FOR QUILTS Each individual has his own personal warmth requirements. Different warmth levels can be achieved by varying the style, filling and fill weight.

Warmth index 1 Quilt with very little warmth retention. Recommended for the warmer times of year, as a quilt for heated waterbeds, for sleepers with very low warmth requirements and/or sleepers in heated bedrooms.

Warmth index 2 Quilt with low warmth retention. Suitable for warmer regions, as a quilt for in-between seasons, for waterbeds, for sleepers with low warmth requirements and/or in heated bedrooms.

Warmth index 3 Quilt with average warmth retention. Recommended as a year round quilt and for sleepers with average warmth requirements. Also for sleepers in moderately heated, normally insulated bedrooms.

Warmth index 4 Quilt with high degree of warmth retention. Recommended for all-season use and especially for the cold seasons, for people with high warmth requirements and /or for sleepers in unheated bedrooms.

Warmth index 1+2=4 Double-quilt comprising 2 single quilts, each with different warmth retention capacities. The lighter single quilt is ideal for summer, the heavier quilt is recommended for spring / autumn and the two together can be used in winter.